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I’m a die hard shawol, but I would rather see Shinhwa win best Performance on the MNET 20’s. Not necessarily because I think they’re better, because both Shinee and Shinhwa have awesome performances, but I think it would be really nice to have Shinhwa win something bigger then a M countdown trophy for their return, to show them that the Kpop industry still cares for them and that they can make a return and still be successful. I feel really guilty, but I was really happy when Shinhwa overtook SHINee in the polls and continue to rise to the top.

Yet I’m really conflicted because MBLAQ, my third bias is here too….

I’m sorry…BUT NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not no to Shinhwa winning because I want Shinhwa to win. What SHCJ wouldn’t want their oppas to win? But my NO is directed at ANYONE pitying Shinhwa. THEY DON’T NEED ANYONE’S PITY! Did Shinhwa win the No.1 on MNet Countdown because of pity? NO! They won because they have a legion of dedicated and loving fans that want them to win number 1 as a thank you for Shinhwa bringing us love and enjoyment and fulfilling their promise that we all knew they weren’t going to break.

I don’t want anyone pitying Shinhwa. I don’t know if I’m being irrational but I am angry. Because is Shinhwa failing in any sort of way? NO. Then why are they getting pity. Because pity is NOT support. Shinhwa have got SHCJ to support them they are here for us and we are here for them. And eff this Shinhwa’s already won daesangs they’ve won all they’ve needed ever to win. So if anyone is bringing a pity party or anyone is being all like ‘Aww, Shinhwa should win because they’ve been around for so long’ and not that they should win because they have fans that love them and talent that’s immeasurable should just back the f*ck away.

I don’t mean to be angry but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this and it goes with my feelings about people always bringing up Shinhwa’s age. Shinhwa doesn’t need your effing pity they are legends. Take your pity elsewhere and leave us to support our group.

Now I feel mean T__T

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    I feel like some of the posts on the Shinhwa dash is making me feel this way again so I’m reblogging my old rant. Sure...
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    agreed. no pity party please :] Shinhwa’s winning right now because the fans are voting. not because theyre old and need...
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    i feels like crying. thank you thank you, to whoever it is that confessed. faith in kpop fandom restored.
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    Warms my heart
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